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Information Systems Security Manager (ISSM)

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Information Systems Security Manager (ISSM) Training Do you want to challenge yourself with complex IT projects? Are you interested in technology watch? You have an analytical and rigorous mind. Are you able to manage stress and pressure? What if you were to consider a [...]

Security Solution Administrator

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Security Solution Administrator Training Do you have the qualities of thoroughness, pedagogy, self-confidence and determination, and do you like to put them to good use in your job? If so, becoming a cybersecurity administrator could be an interesting option for you. Start your training CyberTraining Security Administrator Training Follow [...]

Safety Coordinator

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Security Coordinator Training Do you have the ambition to lead project teams in the fight against cyber threats, and a talent for organization and planning? If so, the job of security coordinator should appeal to you! Start your Security Coordinator Training with CyberTraining Our training programs are designed to train all [...]

SOC Analyst

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SOC Analyst Training Do you have a solid understanding of why cybercriminals do what they do and are you able to track intrusions into information systems? If you are rigorous and methodical, and you are not afraid to watch and report on your work, you should consider a [...]


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DevSecOps training Do you enjoy solving complex problems? Do you enjoy working with technology, code and computer programming? Are you creative and rigorous in your approach to problem solving? Become a security solutions developer. Start your training DevSecOps training with CyberTraining Our training programs are [...]

Ethical Hacker

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Ethical Hacker Training If you're passionate about the fight against cybercrime and the mantra "be close to your friends and even closer to your enemies" resonates within you, perhaps you understand that hacking can have responsible and benevolent intentions, provided it's used ethically. If this is the case [...]

Course OSI and TCP/IP models

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Dive into our specialized course on the OSI and TCP/IP Models and master the essential fundamentals of network architecture. Learn in detail about the layers and protocols of these models, and understand how data is exchanged and routed across a network.