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saga introduction to cybersecurity

Introduction to cybersecurity

3 classes - 23 h 40 min

Learn about the fundamentals of cybersecurity, the risks and challenges for information systems, and Cisco's vision from a U.S. perspective.

standard and regulations

Standards &

5 lessons - 4 h 35 min

Dive into the standards and regulations of the Cyber domain, with a focus on the ISO27K standard and the RGPD.

Infrastructure networks


9 classes - 5 pm

Discover the stakes around the network infrastructures allowing the transport of information: transmission and reception chains of mobile, radio or satellite communication networks.

Cybersecurity Course: Network Architecture

Network architecture

1 course - 6 h 40 min

You will see the main concepts of network architecture, particularly around the mechanics of Software Define Network (SDN) design, in comparison with network functions virtualization (NFV).

Cybersecurity Course: Capture The Flag CTF

Capture The Flag

5 lessons - 4 h 35 min

The last step to validate your skills. Here, no instructions, the story is between you and the machines. It's up to you to play!

Cybersecurity Training: Operations Center

Operations Centre

7 lessons - 6 h 30 min

Learn about the issues surrounding network and application monitoring and supervision technology, by discovering and manipulating the main tools of the Security Operation Center, such as ELK or Splunk Wazuh.

Cybersecurity Training: Cryptology


1 lesson - 2 hrs 11 min

You will discuss the challenges of data encryption as well as the operation and differences between synchronous and asynchronous encryption protocols.

Cybersecurity Training: Digital Forensics and Incident Response (DFIR)

Digital Forensics and Incident Response (DFIR)

2 classes - 2 h 25 min

Learn about investigative tools that can be used to gather information about cyber attackers as part of a forensic investigation. These tools are essential to forensic operations in the embedded domain.

Cybersecurity Training : CSNA Training

CSNA Training

11 classes - 21 h 

During the Certified Stormshield Network Administrator (CSNA) course, you will learn the basics of handling and configuring Stormshield Network Security firewalls. As a result, you will be able to define and implement filtering and routing policies, configure authentication policies, and set up different types of VPNs. Your company's network security will no longer hold any secrets for you.

Cybersecurity Training: Risk Management

Risk management

4 classes - 21 h 50 min

Discover Cyber Risk Management through the EBIOS framework, use risk assessment tools, and learn how to create a Business Continuity Plan and a Disaster Recovery Plan.

Cybersecurity Training: Identity Access Management

Identity Access Management

1 lesson - 3 hrs 20 min

Learn about investigative tools that can be used to gather information about cyber attackers as part of a forensic investigation. These tools are essential to forensic operations in the embedded domain.

Cybersecurity training: artificial intelligence

Artificial intelligence

1 class - 45 min 

Learn the major concepts of Artificial Intelligence, such as Machine Learning, Reinforcement Learning and Deep Reinforcement Learning.

Cyberrange for cybertraining freeride

The CyberRange for the FreeRide (by Seela)

1 class - 35 min

Learn how to use the Airbus CyberSecurity CyberRange. This training is a must for Seela FreeRide users.

Cybersecurity training: Industrial cybersecurity

Industrial cybersecurity

2 courses - 5 hrs 35 min

Discover the application of Cybersecurity in the industrial field: SCADA, PLC, DCS, ICS technologies as well as specific standards.

Cybersecurity training: supervision


3 courses - 5 h 30 min 

You will learn here the mechanisms of network supervision: metrology issues, monitoring or optical network supervision.

Cybersecurity training: virtualization


4 classes - 16 h 15 min

Virtualization is an essential element in the design of Information Systems, and allows for an improvement in the management and deployment of machines. Learn the techniques of deployment, containment and hybridization that are specific to it.

Cybersecurity Training: The Cloud

The Cloud

4 classes - 9 h 15 min

Learn the basic concepts of the cloud, and deepen your knowledge of the most popular technologies on the market, such as AWS and Azure Active Directory.

Cybersecurity training: firewalling


1 course - 4 h 45 min 

Firewalling is the first level of Cyber applied to network infrastructures. Here you will learn how the products of Seela's partners and market leaders work: Stormshield, Cisco and Fortinet.

Cybersecurity training: network layers

The network layers

7 classes - 12 h 30 min

Learn about the layered nature of computer networks, including the OSI model. You will learn about routing, switching and specific information transport equipment in order to understand the Domain Name System and DNSSEC mechanisms. You will then know how to secure a network while guaranteeing the quality of service, or QoS.

Cybersecurity training: Languages and their management

Languages and their management

9 classes - 23 h 15 min

You will learn how C, C#, JavaScript or Python work. Mastering programming languages is the basis of application, software and embedded security.

Cybersecurity Training: Vulnerabilities


6 classes - 9 h 25 min 

Immerse yourself in the identification, qualification and exploitation of vulnerabilities, and learn how to better secure your Web applications, your software, your IS.

Cybersecurity training: operating system

Operating System

2 courses - 5 hrs 55 min

Let's enter the deepest heart of your machine: the kernel. Whether it is Linux or Windows, the capabilities of your OS will be revealed to you to enter little by little in the universe of the Defensive Computer Fighting and the stakes associated with the performance.

Cyber Security Training: Cyber Defense and Attack Tools

Cyber defense and attack tools

8 lessons - 5 h 40 min

Discover the hacker's toolbox and learn how to use its tools to perform your first Cyber exploits.

Cybersecurity Training: Orchestration Tools

Orchestration tools

2 classes - 1 hr 20 min 

Address the topic of orchestration via two open source tools: Puppet, for managing slave servers, and Kubernetes, for running all your programs in virtualization through server clusters.

Cybersecurity Training: Awareness


3 classes - 2 h 45 min

Understand the human dimension of Cybersecurity, source of many security breaches, and learn the right security reflexes.


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