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C. Riesner
C. Riesner
I've just completed the "Security Coordinator" course at Seela. This is a rich and comprehensive French-language training course of around 60 hours, which enables you to master the fundamentals in the main areas of Information Systems Security: → 1️⃣ - Introduction to cybersecurity and Cyber risk awareness → 2️⃣ - Vulnerabilities and security risk analysis methodology → 3️⃣ - Standards and regulations → 4️⃣ - Network infrastructure and cloud security → 5️⃣ - Security technologies and associated tools → 6️⃣ - Identity Access Management (IAM) → 7️⃣ - Security Operations Center (SOC) → 8️⃣ - Risk management, cybersecurity policy and ISMS I plan to continue this discovery of their CyberTraining distance learning platform by continuing with the RSSI, DevSecOps and Ethical Hacker 😉 courses. The CyberTraining platform provides access to a rather impressive variety of courses in French, with regular knowledge-checking quizzes and application exercises via the CyberRange module, which lets you practice and test your knowledge in the field of ethical hacking. It's also worth noting that the various training courses are eligible for CPF, with RNCP level 7 certification.
Dimitri Chalencon
Dimitri Chalencon
A great opportunity to access CyberTraining with your CPF rights. Several training paths are available to guide your learning, but you can also freely access all the sagas, TDs and TPs. Coupled with BattleH4ck, CTF's platform, you can put your Ethical Hacking skills into practice, competing against other players, alone or in teams. Thank you for the kindness of the Seela team and the jury!
Trace hack
Trace hack
Hello Helene, Thank you already for this great platform. I'm not really on it at the moment as I have a lot of work on the side. I'm currently taking the cybertraining course with the Ethical hacker path. And I find it amazing to have made such a diversified platform and especially in French and not expensive at all. The seelers and trainers on the discord are very reactive so you never get stuck on something. I always got an answer or a hint when I was stuck on a TD. So thank you and keep up the good work. Thank you Hélène.
Stanislas Peridy
Stanislas Peridy
I chose the Ethical Hacker course, which contains 70 hours of content, with practical exercises and above all access to BattleHack (their CTF platform)! The site is really nice, with a personalized course based on my level, and the training is very interesting. I'd definitely recommend it! PS: special mention to the two people on the jury who helped me pass the certification, they were top notch and gave me lots of advice for the future 😉
S. K
S. K
Very good platform, I took the Ethical Hacker course, the course is very well structured, for the use and environment of the site, I find it well thought out, very good experience, the courses are well written and the exercises really help to understand, especially as it attacks point by point with a good explanation for each detail, the boxes and CyberRange are really a plus (strong point), but also the fact of being able to access all the courses and the possibility of doing several courses. I recommend it 100%.
Pochon Méderic
Pochon Méderic
A platform combining training, awareness and practice. I'm following the Ethical Hacking course, which enables me to acquire a wealth of knowledge thanks to a personalized path following an entry test. The course combines theory and practice, thanks to TDs, TPs and CTFs. The little extra? Battleh4ck! Seela's Capture The Flag platform in a totally immersive universe. A campaign mode, allowing us to put all our knowledge and skills into practice! Can't wait for PVP (team-based) and Arena to be fully operational. Bravo Seela and the teams! Highly recommend!
I took the 71-hour Analyst Soc course. I'm very satisfied with the quality of the courses and the training in the labs. I recommend this course!

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Our cybersecurity training modules

There are more than 700 hours of courses available on the platform, with new ones every month! Browse through our modules that you will find in free access on our platform. 

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Network scanning with NMAP: the complete course

This course will help you acquire the methodology needed to recognize a network as part of an intrusion test. 

190 min



Metasploit: learn all the advanced techniques

Discover Metasploit, the essential open source penetration testing tool. This course will introduce you to the use of Metasploit.

90 min



Wireshark course - Analyze and protect your network like a pro!

Wireshark is an extremely powerful and versatile tool used in cybersecurity to analyze network traffic. 

75 minutes



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Test your skills in an ultra-real environment, formerly reserved for an elite: Airbus Cybersecurity experts

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CyberTraining is a 100% online training platform that offers training on cybersecurity. This platform allows users to train at their own pace and to improve their skills quickly and efficiently. The trainings are in the form of theoretical lessons and practical exercises. The learners who finish their course are 100% operational to work in the world of cybersecurity.
CyberTraining offers more than 700 hours of courses available on the platform, with new ones added every month. It is therefore possible to train on different modules, depending on your needs and interests.