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The cybersecurity skills gap, a real problem in the face of growing cybercrime in 2023!

Tanguy Pellen

March 22, 2023

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The year 2022 has seen a record increase in cybercrime. In fact, there are 38% more cyber attacks against organizations in 2022, compared to 2021.

In order to protect themselves from the risks and costs generated by this increase, organizations are looking to strengthen their overall security posture. This reinforcement translates into a strong need for cyber skills for all companies!

Today, there is a real asymmetry between the number of trained professionals and the real needs of organizations. And the gap continues to grow! There is talk of more than 3.5 million unfilled cybersecurity jobs worldwide by 2023.
Moreover, the cybersecurity sector is currently experiencing a 0% unemployment rate for trained and experienced profiles and has been since 2011!

illustration of cybersecurity talent shortage

💡 Corporate Awareness

Since 2022, we are witnessing changes in corporate investment strategies. The budgets allocated to cybersecurity are growing rapidly, and more specifically those related to human resources for cybersecurity.

This awareness is reflected in particular in the attention given to risks related to employees. Indeed, 2/3 of organizations believe that telecommuting leads to an increase in cyber threats, only 43% of companies have made more than 75% of their employees aware of the risks.

In 2022, the UK government published in the Cyber Security Breaches Survey that more than 39% of businesses have already faced a cyber attack this year. In addition, 82% of executives consider improving security to be a major concern.

One of the greatest challenges for organizations today is to be able to surround themselves with competent and expert collaborators to arm themselves against increasingly sophisticated threats.

However, these profiles are highly coveted and few in number...

➡ Cyber skills deficit

With an ever-changing cybersecurity landscape, it makes sense that a cybersecurity skills gap has developed.

According to a recent study, 30% of cybersecurity managers say they can't find enough competent profiles to absorb the workload.
By the way, what are the most sought-after profiles in the cybersecurity sector?
According to the panorama of cybersecurity professions published by the ANSSI, the 5 most sought-after profiles in 2020 were the following:

  • Cybersecurity engineer (30% of job offers)
  • Cybersecurity consultant (12%)
  • Cybersecurity Architect (10%)
  • Cybersecurity Analyst (8%)
  • Cybersecurity expert (5%)


The cybersecurity talent crisis is real, by the way:

  • 30% of security leaders say there are not enough staff to manage an organization's cybersecurity
  • 35% say they cannot find experienced staff with the right skills
  • 23% say both factors are a problem


Training as a solution?

58% of cybersecurity managers plan to solve the problem by increasing investment in employee training!

A study conducted by Tanium in 2022 also indicated that 86% of organizations that faced a cybersecurity breach in the past six months believe that investing in staff training would effectively reduce the number of incidents that occur.

🔑 What solutions for organizations?

If managers are facing today important recruitment problems, they are also facing a worrying turnover!

It is important to know that according to IBM, the technical skills acquired remain relevant for only 2.5 years. This is even more true for those related to cyber security, as the methods and techniques of cyber attackers are both innovative and evolving. Employees' skills must therefore be regularly updated to guarantee a sufficient level of security.

The training tools made available to employees are now an important asset for retaining and keeping talent.

In conclusion, cybersecurity is a major issue for companies and the cybersecurity skills gap is an urgent challenge! With the commitment of your employees and a continuous training solution adapted to their needs, you can protect your data and your reputation!

Whether you are in the Information Systems Department, in Human Resources or in another department, you can take action by relying on products such as CyberTraining or CyberUnity to increase the skills of your teams. Cybersecurity is everyone's business.

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