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NSEs and cybersecurity: it's a match!

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Julien Deprez - Head of Sales

March 22, 2023

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NSEs (Digital Services Companies), formerly known as IT services companies, are key players in the digital economy. They support companies of all sizes in their digital transformation by providing them with specialized skills and customized solutions.

For several years now, NSEs have been turning to various cybersecurity solutions with the aim of training their employees on these new subjects. The challenge is twofold, since this allows to retain and develop employees within NSEs, and to add real competitive advantages to conquer new markets.

In this article, we will go through the major issues faced by NSEs and the benefits of adding cybersecurity training, coaching and awareness to their strategies.

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💡 NSEs: kesako?

NSEs are IT service providers of sorts, but their scope of work goes far beyond simply maintaining or repairing systems. They are first and foremost strategic partners for their clients, helping them achieve their long-term goals.

The role of an ESN is therefore multiple and varied. First of all, it provides high-level technical expertise in software development, data analysis, IT security, project management, etc. It also provides qualified human resources to support its clients in the field, whether for user training or for the implementation of new solutions. It also provides qualified human resources to support its customers in the field, whether for user training or for the implementation of new solutions.

But beyond these technical aspects, NSEs play a key role in the global strategy of their customers. They help their clients define their vision and their digital roadmap, taking into account economic, regulatory and environmental issues. They help them integrate new technologies into their organization, ensuring that they are consistent with their business and their objectives.

In short, an ESN is a trusted partner for companies seeking to digitize while guaranteeing their long-term sustainability and profitability. It is the architect of the digital transformation of its customers, providing them with a clear vision, specialized skills and tailor-made solutions.

➡ The missions of NSEs

The main mission of NSEs is to provide IT services to their customers. The latter are mainly companies of all sizes, from SMEs to large international groups, needing technical expertise to manage their information systems.

Here are some of the typical ESN customers and their main needs:

  • Banks and insurance companies Banks and insurance companies: these companies need efficient IT security solutions to protect their customers' sensitive data. ESNs can also help them develop applications for their customers or set up online payment systems.
  • Industrial companies Industrial companies: ESNs can help them implement automation and production management systems, or develop predictive maintenance solutions to optimize the management of their machinery.
  • Retail companies Retail companies: ESNs can help them implement real-time inventory and sales management systems, as well as e-commerce solutions to facilitate online sales.
  • Healthcare companies Healthcare companies: ESNs can help them implement telemedicine or electronic medical record management solutions for better patient care.
  • IT companies IT companies: although they are themselves major players in the sector, they may need occasional reinforcements to complete certain projects. NSEs can provide them with additional resources to carry out their projects.


In short, NSE customers have a wide range of needs, from cybersecurity to production management, including the implementation of telemedicine solutions or online payment systems. NSEs are there to help them implement these solutions by providing their technical expertise and IT know-how.

🔑 Cybersecurity comes into play

NSEs are at the heart of a digital transformation that requires advanced expertise in cybersecurity. To meet this growing demand and guarantee the security of their customers, NSEs have every interest in providing their employees with cybersecurity training solutions.

This allows:

  1. To train and retain their employees
  2. To develop internal skills
  3. To propose an ever more complete offer to their customers


Cybersecurity training has become a real asset for NSEs. Investing in the training and education of their staff is an effective way to ensure data security and business continuity for their customers.

In short, cybersecurity is a must for ESNs and their customers. Investing in cybersecurity training and education solutions for their employees may seem like a gamble on the future, but the news confirms that this is just the beginning and that they will have to redouble their efforts to deal with cyber threats.

According to a study conducted by the ANSSI, in France, 96% of companies have suffered a cyber attack in 2020, and NSEs are no exception to this trend. Moreover, 87% of NSEs have been affected by a cyber attack attempt in 2021, (according to a study conducted by the strategy consulting firm Kea & Partners).

It is therefore critical for NSEs to protect themselves and their customers with effective cybersecurity capabilities to maintain a more than comfortable advantage.

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