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The Airbus CyberRange

Continuous support, combining training and simulation, to improve your teams' cyber skills. The e-learning course combines theory and practice for a more fun technical learning experience.

Practice in a professional setting: you will train to fight against cyber attacks on representative IS typology. 

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Go to practice

Apply your new knowledge: you will do all the practical training on the CyberRange, to put into practice the theory you have learned.

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A turnkey service

Start a new exercise in a few minutes: you have online lanes to test your skill level.

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Fun training sessions

Set up real CTFs: you will be able to perform Blueteam / Redteam challenges in SaaS mode in order to progress in the understanding of Cyber threats.

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A secure environment

CyberRange Seela simulations are hosted at Airbus CyberSecurity. An isolated environment that allows IT professionals to safely experiment with complex attacks.