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Train yourself in the 1ᵉʳˢ reflexes of cybersecurity

In the personal or professional sphere, cybersecurity is everyone's business.
Nevertheless, a few reflexes are enough to protect you from a maximum of attacks!

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For each tool, good practices must be put in place to protect against cyber attacks. Our training program is composed of 10 modules. 

Fraudulent e-mail

E-mails are also your main means of communication and are the vector of formidable attacks. Do you know how to protect yourself from the risks of cyber attacks?

Personal data

 Collecting and processing personal data means first and foremost informing people about what you do with their data and respecting their rights. You must take steps to ensure that your use of personal data respects the privacy of the individuals concerned. 


Passwords are the keys to your digital life and can expose you to certain dangers when mismanaged. How to adopt good practices in password generation and management. 

On the move

Learn how to identify the risks you face when you're on the go. Web pickpockets are everywhere, and you don't even know it!

Pro perso uses

Contamination of businesses through personal devices can cause irreversible damage. What are the best practices for separating business and personal use?

USB ports

A USB flash drive or external hard drive can contain sensitive information. An external device such as a hard drive, charger, mouse, cable or accessory of any kind that plugs into your USB ports can pose a threat to you and your business.


With more than 37 million mobile users every day in France, the smartphone is the number one screen for connecting on a daily basis, according to the annual study by Médiamétrie. The smartphone can be a wide open door to your personal and corporate data. What are the best practices to protect your smartphone?

Web browsing

When you surf the Internet, you feel safe and alone. But as soon as you step on the web, your data is exposed. Learn how to protect it!

Social engineering

Social Engineering is the abuse of an individual's trust by exploiting weaknesses or learned psychological biases. Learn to notice these attempts at manipulation and to verify events that seem "normal" to you.

Damage to the image

E-reputation is your online image. Online reputation is maintained by everything about you that is posted on social networks, blogs or video sharing platforms, directly by you, but also by others. Control your e-reputation!

why Cyberunity?

An awareness platform but not only ...

Cover the basics of cybersecurity and acquire the 1st reflexes, on a motivating platform where you will want to spend time. 

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100% online 

On your PC or your smartphone, access your training in all circumstances

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A unique environment

Progress and develop your cyber reflexes in an ergonomic environment to motivate your learning

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Our support 

Our experts are available by chatbot to answer your questions and help you progress as quickly as possible

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Why be aware in cybersecurity?

Your cybersecurity awareness is your best defense against attackers. The human flaw is most often the point of entry for cyber attacks. A few reflexes are enough to prevent the vast majority of attacks. 


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