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You will discuss the challenges of data encryption as well as the operation and differences between synchronous and asynchronous encryption protocols.

Encrypted messaging (Olvid)

4 Lessons - 131 min

Cryptology, etymologically the "science of secrecy", can only be considered as a science for a short time. It encompasses cryptography - secret writing - and cryptanalysis - the analysis of the latter.

01. Introduction to the course

An introduction to cybersecurity

You want to make an online payment, so you need to send your credit card information to the merchant. You do not want third parties to be able to see this information and use it elsewhere. How to make online purchases in peace? It is thanks to cryptology that you can make your transactions without worrying about the confidentiality of your exchanges.

💡 In addition to the financial field, cryptography is also used in communications between individuals, to authenticate on web services, among other areas.

02. Introduction to cryptology

20 minutes

An introduction to cybersecurity

03. Securing instant messaging

30 min.

An introduction to cybersecurity

04. Conference on Securing Instant Messaging

81 min

An introduction to cybersecurity