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Train your cybersecurity talent

Find out free of charge which educational project is right for you, so you can better defend your company.

Your teams are your best defense against cyberattacks. Let's train them together.

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Red Team

Blue Team


Cybersecurity training center

Boost your teams' skills by offering them a memorable experience, in Bootcamp and E-learning formats.

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cybersecurity training illustration


Red Team

Blue Team

Blue Team & Red Team technical exercises

Create a unique CTF challenge, specific to your business, in an environment that provides




Blue Team

Crisis management exercise

Crisis exercise to reinforce reflexes of management, governance and technical teams

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Red Team

Blue Team

Technical skills assessment

Test the skills of your candidates and/or teams with questionnaires and practical lab exercises

For every cybersecurity challenge, Seela offers a solution

Find out which cybersecurity offering is right for you by answering these questions.

Why can't you recruit cybersecurity professionals?

Don't be left on the sidelines, and find out what your future cybersecurity candidates are looking for.

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Upskilling & Reskilling in cybersecurity: The case of EXPERIS

"Thanks to its rich content, we rely heavily on the Seelap platform to help our staff develop their skills.

E-learning allows employees to manage their own skills development according to their availability. "

Bruno Jusselin, Director of the Network and Security Practice at Experis, chose Seela to provide cyber training for 45 employees. 

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