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Upskilling & Reskilling in cybersecurity: The case of EXPERIS

"Thanks to its rich content, we rely heavily on the SEELA platform to enhance the skills of our employees.

E-learning allows employees to manage their own skills development according to their availability. "

Bruno Jusselin, Director of the Network and Security Practice at Experis, chose Seela to provide cyber training for 45 employees. 

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🔰 Challenge & Statement

A few months ago, Experis was faced with a pressing need: that of upgrading the skills of some of its employees in the crucial field of cybersecurity. With the ever-changing nature evolving nature of digital threatsit was clear that investment in an innovative, high-performance training solution was essential.

Faced with this challenge, Experis discovered our cybersecurity training platform, which proved to be the perfect answer to their needs. This tailor-made platform immediately captivated the Experis team with its advanced functionalities and immersive approach to learning through stimulating hands-on exercises.

One of the key aspects that won Experis over was the presence of dedicated human assistance on the platform. This reassuring feature proved to be a lifeline for Experis employees when they got stuck on practical exercises or tutorials. Thanks to the prompt and expert help of our trainers, every obstacle was successfully overcome, boosting the team's confidence and enthusiasm in their learning.

Today, Experis testifies to the amazing results achieved thanks to our cybersecurity training solution. Their employees have developed advanced skills to meet the complex challenges of digital security, strengthening their ability to protect sensitive company data.

📚 CyberTraining, the perfect platform for upskilling

The module Cybertraining module stands out as the preferred choice for this company, used extensively to enhance the skills of their teams. From experienced project managers to skilled network and systems administrators and supervisory technicians, this versatile solution is perfectly suited to the varied needs of their multi-disciplinary team. It offers training paths adapted to each function and skill level, guaranteeing efficient and relevant skills upgrading.

In addition to training their key staff, they also extend their cybersecurity expertise to their recruitment and sales teams. Thanks to this in-depth training, their teams have acquired in-depth knowledge of the field, enabling them to better understand their customers' needs and offer them solutions tailored to their IT security challenges.

🎯 Objectives & Results

Thanks to its rich, tailored content, Experis has placed unshakeable confidence in the SEELA platform to enhance the skills of its teams. The use of e-learning opens up a new era of flexibility, enabling employees to manage their skills development according to their availability. 

Whether it's choosing break times, evenings or even weekends, each individual can now shape their learning autonomously. Of course, Experis also provides dedicated training time during working hours, putting learning at the heart of their professional routine.

In a world where cybersecurity skills are in high demand, the SEELA platform plays a catalytic role in accelerating discovery and training in the cyber professions. By providing an intuitive and interactive interface, the platform offers an immersive and comprehensive experience for learning the crucial aspects of cybersecurity.

By collaborating with SEELA, Experis is positioning itself at the forefront of companies that recognize the importance of continuous training to ensure competitiveness and resilience in the field of cybersecurity. 

The aim is clear: to enable every employee to acquire the cutting-edge skills needed to meet the growing challenges of digital security.

With the impetus provided by the SEELA platform and Bruno Jusselin's determination to lead his teams to excellence, Experis has established itself as a proactive company, ready to face the future with confidence. Their cybersecurity team is now armed with the knowledge and skills needed to effectively protect the company's digital assets and meet the changing needs of the digital world.

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