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Languages and their management

Languages and their management Start the course You will learn how C, C#, JavaScript or Python work. Mastering programming languages is the basis of application, software and embedded security. Structured Query Language 6 Lessons - 240 min This course introduces you to SQL (Structured Query Language) which allows you to [...]


Virtualization Begin the course An essential element in the design of Information Systems, virtualization allows for improved management and deployment of machines. Learn the deployment, containment and hybridization techniques that are unique to virtualization. General Virtualization 3 Lessons - 40 min Discover the fundamentals of virtualization concepts. 01 Introduction [...]


Supervision Start the course Here you will learn about the mechanisms of network supervision: metrology issues, monitoring, and optical network supervision. Network Monitoring 6 Lessons - 165 min Understand the concept of network monitoring and its necessity. 01. Introduction to the course The SNMP protocol is an initiative of the IETF (Internet Engineering Task Force).

The CyberRange for the FreeRide

CyberRange for the FreeRide (by Seela) Start the course Learn how to use the CyberRange from Airbus CyberSecurity. This training is a must for Seela FreeRide users. CyberRange by Airbus CyberSecurity 2 Lessons - 35 min The CyberRange is an advanced simulation solution that makes it easy to model IT/OT systems consisting of dozens or [...]

Operations Centre

Security Operation Center Start the course Learn about the issues surrounding network and application monitoring and supervision technology, by discovering and manipulating the main tools of the Security Operation Center, such as ELK or Splunk Wazuh. Security Operation Center 4 Lessons - 130 min When you look at the main structures of the [...]

The network layers

The Network Layers Begin the course Learn about the layered nature of computer networks, including the OSI model. You will learn about routing, switching and specific information transport equipment in order to understand the Domain Name System and DNSSEC mechanisms. You will then know how to secure a network while guaranteeing the quality of the information.

CSNA Training

CSNA Training Get Started During the Certified Stormshield Network Administrator (CSNA) training, you will learn the basics of owning and configuring Stormshield Network Security firewalls. As a result of this training, you will be able to define and implement filtering and routing policies, configure authentication policies, and configure the network security system.


Cryptology Begin the course You will discuss the issues of data encryption as well as how synchronous and asynchronous encryption protocols work and how they differ. Encrypted Messaging (Olvid) 4 Lessons - 131 min Cryptology, etymologically the "science of secrecy", can only be truly considered a science recently [...]

Risk management

Risk Management Start Course Discover Cyber Risk Management through the EBIOS framework, manipulate risk assessment tools, and learn how to create a Business Continuity Plan and a Disaster Recovery Plan. EBIOS Risk Manager 3 Lessons - 55 min Discover the fundamentals of the EBIOS Risk Manager method. [...]

Identity Access Management

Identity Access Management Begin this course Learn about the challenges of Identity Access Management in setting up security levels for infrastructure access. Introduction to IAM 2 Lessons - 200 min IAM (Identity Access Management) allows you to define user categories and access rights to your infrastructure.