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Metasploit course - Learn all the advanced techniques

Discover Metasploit, the essential open-source penetration testing tool. This course will introduce you to using Metasploit to identify vulnerabilities, perform penetration tests and develop signatures for Intrusion Detection Systems (IDS). Explore Metasploit's advanced features and strengthen your IT security skills. Get ready to become a penetration testing expert with Metasploit.

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📡 Introduction

Metasploit is an initially open-source vulnerability exploitation framework (developed in 2003 by H.D. Moore) featuring automation and exploit creation functionalities. It integrates a substantial database of exploits (over 4,000 today). It features a payload generation and encoding engine, as well as numerous auxiliary modules and utilities.

On the face of it, Metasploit is one of the most widely used exploit development and execution tools in the world. It is the quintessential attacker's tool. It's powerful, flexible and free. It is one of the most popular tools on the market, given that it is open source in its framework version. However, there are a number of issues, CobaltStrike is increasingly chosen over CobaltStrike, despite its commercial status. It runs on Windows, Linux and MacOS operating systems. It is available as off-the-shelf software, as a virtual machine under OS Kali Linux for VMware, VirtualBox and Hyper-V hypervisors, or as Docker containers.

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💡 Vocabulary


An exploit is the means by which the attacker or pentester takes advantage of a vulnerability in a system, application or service. The attacker or tester uses an exploit to attack his target, and the result of the attack is the execution of the exploit code as programmed.

Find exploits :


A payload is delivered by an exploit. To be more precise, it's the piece of code that the attacker or tester wants the system to execute. One of the best-known exploits is Meterpreter, because it offers so many possibilities. With it, it's possible to move around and download files from the target. Other machines on the same network can also be attacked.


Shellcode is a set of instructions, usually written in assembler, which, if properly executed, provides the attacker with a shell or Meterpreter command prompt.

🕹️ Launching the command interpreter

The Metasploit command interpreter is msfconsole. The default prompt is msf6 > .

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The banner displayed at startup (in the form of ASCII arts) changes randomly with each startup or invocation of the banner command. Beneath the banner, we see the version of metasploit-framework installed and various other information that is central to its functionality.

The Metasploit tip also changes with each startup.

🕹️ Internal search for an exploit

Execute a search to find usable exploits in Metasploit that match the report produced by a vulnerability scanner such as Acunetix, Nessus, ... :

					msf6 > search [options] [keywords:value]

This command has been refined over time. Search example:

					msf6 > search cve:2007 type:exploit samba
					Matching Modules
   #  Name                                       Disclosure Date  Rank       Check  Description
   -  ----                                       ---------------  ----       -----  -----------
   0  exploit/linux/samba/lsa_transnames_heap    2007-05-14       good       Yes    Samba lsa_io_trans_names Heap Overflow
   1  exploit/multi/samba/usermap_script         2007-05-14       excellent  No     Samba "username map script" Command Execution
   2  exploit/osx/samba/lsa_transnames_heap      2007-05-14       average    No     Samba lsa_io_trans_names Heap Overflow
   3  exploit/solaris/samba/lsa_transnames_heap  2007-05-14       average    No     Samba lsa_io_trans_names Heap Overflow


The "Rank" column indicates the reliability of the exploit.

In the next chapter, we'll learn how to configure and launch an attack with Metasploit.

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Metasploit is an open-source framework used for the development and execution of penetration tests, also known as pentests. It provides a vast collection of tools and exploits enabling cybersecurity professionals to test the resistance of computer systems against attacks.

Metasploit offers several advantages for cybersecurity professionals. It automates penetration testing, saving time and resources. It also offers a wide range of ready-to-use exploits and payloads, making it easy to carry out comprehensive tests. What's more, the Metasploit community is active and provides regular updates, ensuring extensive vulnerability coverage.

Metasploit is a tool designed to be used by cybersecurity professionals within a legal framework, such as authorized penetration testing carried out with the consent of the system owner. However, its use for malicious purposes is illegal and reprehensible.

To use Metasploit effectively, a good understanding of basic cybersecurity concepts and penetration testing is recommended. A thorough knowledge of network protocols, operating systems and programming languages can also be beneficial. We recommend that you take our Ethical Hacker cybersecurity training course to learn all about this tool.

Metasploit is used by various cybersecurity professionals, such as pentesters, security consultants, security researchers, vulnerability analysts and information security managers. It is also used by incident response teams and cybercrime professionals.

Although Metasploit is one of the most popular tools for penetration testing, there are other similar frameworks such as Cobalt Strike, Canvas, Core Impact and Burp Suite. Each tool has its own features and benefits, and the choice depends on the specific needs of the cybersecurity professional.

To start learning Metasploit, we recommend you consult the official documentation available on the Metasploit Framework website. There are also online resources, tutorials and cybersecurity training courses such as ours: Ethical Hacker, which can help you acquire the skills you need to use Metasploit effectively.

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