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Continuous improvement

continuous improvement illustration

Continuous improvement is an approach that consists of improving through small, regular changes, rather than planning to introduce large changes on a much less regular basis.

More precisely, there are many methodologies to implement a continuous improvement approach, such as the Deming wheel

The Kill Chain concept in cybersecurity

illustration kill chain cybersecurity

The concept of "Kill Chain" is again a concept that comes from the military world.

In the world of cyber security, this concept is attached to the field of "Cyber Threat Intelligence" (CTI), which is the field where intelligence about attackers is sought in order to better protect against them.

True / false positive or negative

illustration true false positive or negative

In this lesson we will try to sort out the real from the fake... remember that when a negative event occurs, always stay positive!

We will introduce four elements that allow us to classify events.

This vocabulary will allow us to be better understood when we have to qualify an incident or analyze a vulnerability for example.

Concepts in methodology and certification

illustration of concepts in cybersecurity methodology and certification

Let's remember the main objective of cyber security, which could be defined as: protecting the company's business and data.

We can say that this objective has no definite end in time, so we must work in an iterative and agile way.

Vulnerability, threat and risk in cybersecurity

illustration of vulnerability, threat and risk in cybersecurity

It is obvious to say that you can defend yourself better when you know your weaknesses. The same is true when you know your opponents.

This lesson will allow us to better understand the concepts of vulnerability, threat and risk.

These concepts are essential foundations for implementing vulnerability management and risk management processes.

What is IAM / AAA?

illustration iam aaa

In this lesson we will discuss several fundamental aspects of cyber security, grouped under several names, or frameworks.

These are the principles of IAM (Identity and Access Management) or otherwise called AAA (Authentication, Authorization and Accounting).

What is the DIC / TN?

illustration dic tn cybersecurity

Data, in the computer world, is information that can be stored or processed digitally.

One of the main objectives of cyber security is to protect the data of the company or an individual.

In this lesson, we will study the criteria for classifying this data in order to put in place adequate protection solutions.